Branheim Naehice

A tall, gaunt drow with bright pink irises and a regal but intimidating fashion sense, who doesn't enjoy visitors.


The elder brother of Daecan Naehice, he doesn’t enjoy company and much prefers to keep his large home in Rotmoor to himself. He upkeeps a pond filled with various enchanted fish, expensive rarities that can serve useful should time come for healing or added agility or a magic bonus. He has taken no stance in terms of adventuring, opting instead for a time span entirely in politics, specifically in the Underdark. After some time of Daecan living in the town over, he moved to Rotmoor.

He doesn’t interact with the other townsfolk more than necessary for buying wares, and doesn’t seem to need to kill or run a business to sustain his posh lifestyle. In fact, he’s quite hateful to most anyone who isn’t another drow.


Branheim Naehice

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