Proudore Brothers


A rowdy group of triplets, all black-haired and all under the age of 13. They’re human entirely, but may as well be fae with their sense of mischief. Their language is particularly vulgar, though the technical eldest of the three, Lance, is more withheld. The three of them are all tall, slender with just the faintest hints of muscle, and have bright green eyes.

Lance: His hair is a touch long, straight and down to his shoulders. He speaks more respectfully in the presence of women, and doesn’t particularly enjoy the immature humor his brothers produce perpetually.

Tuck: His hair is the shortest of the three, cropped almost to his scalp and exposing a faint scar at the center of his forehead.

Verdan: Though the same age as the other two, he is the most immature and mischievous. He enjoys pranking one of the orphan girls because his brother Lance fancies her.

Proudore Brothers

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